Upcoming Markets

Upcoming Markets

Discover the vibrant atmosphere of upcoming markets at Noosa Marina,
 where local artisans display their crafts, vendors offer unique treasures, and live music sets the perfect backdrop by the waterfront.


Sunday Markets 28th July


Mark your calendars for a day of coastal delights at Noosa Marina on Sunday 28th July! Our Coastal Market Extravaganza brings together a vibrant array of market stalls, live music, and the charm of our existing shops for an unforgettable experience.

Market Stalls: Explore a curated selection of market stalls featuring local artisans and vendors, offering everything from handmade crafts to unique treasures against the backdrop of the serene marina.

Live Music: Feel the rhythm of the waterfront with a live music performance from 10am. Our lineup promises a musical journey that complements the coastal ambience.

Shops: Don't miss the chance to discover the offerings of our existing shops. From fashion and jewellery to dining and more, our waterfront boutiques are ready to showcase their unique selections.

Join us for a day of coastal bliss, where the market comes alive, music fills the air, and our existing shops add their own touch of charm to the festivities. It's a celebration of community, creativity, and coastal living – see you there!

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