Register to recieve 3 hours of free parking

Cars entering the Noosa Marina Carpark will need to register their number plate.
This can be done by using the on site pay machine or by clicking the register button.
Addiotional time can be purchased if required

Noosa Marina Parking

Noosa Marina has introduced a pay by plate parking system to free up more spaces for customers.

Cars entering the Noosa Marina Carpark will need to register their number plate in the pay machine or use the QR Code but not both.

3 hours of FREE parking is available.
If needed, more time can be purchased by following the prompts at the pay machine.

There is no need to check out when leaving.

Register your parking

All vehicles must be registered to park on site, but the first 3 hour are free
There are 3 options to register your parking.

Parking Machine

Step 1: Locate the parking machine situated between the Harbour Wine Bar and Noosa Harbour Fish Market.
Step 2: Key in your Car Registration Plate number.
Step 3: Choose your timing.
Step 4: Choose your payment.
Step 5: Confirm and make a note of your receipt.

Scan QR Code

Step 1: Find and scan QR code on site with your phone.
Step 2: Follow prompts.

Register Online

To register for your 3 hours of free parking or to purchase additional time click here.


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