Noosa Marina saving water and money with FLOWD

Noosa Marina saving water and money with FLOWD Smart Water Metering

The Noosa Marina is saving water and money, using FLOWD’s smart water metering solution.

The Noosa Marina is a diverse site with multiple tenancies including ferry services, cafes, restaurants, a bar, stores, offices, and a market - all using water. Much of this infrastructure is constructed over the Marina’s expansive timber decking suspended over the Noosa River.

Water is supplied to the facility by Unity Water via a mains meter at the kerb. However, given the complexity of the site, water pipes are in difficult to see and access locations. For example, water pipes are under the pontoon timbers.

FLOWD Sustainable Water Management is a locally developed, web-based application that digitally monitors water use and provides automatic alerts for leaks or excess water use. Our goal is to empower communities to save water and money.

ProFLOWD is used by the Noosa Marina centre management to manage water use, detect leaks, and save money.


FLOWD smart water metering supports a vision for sustainability.

Noosa Marina Manager Warren Smith said that the Marina aims to be a showcase centrepiece of Noosa’s vision as a sustainable destination.

“The Noosa Marina is not an easy site to manage in terms of water given the location of pipes and infrastructure.”

“Using a smart water metering service like FLOWD to conserve water is an important step forward in facilitating our vision for a sustainably managed facility.”

“Through digital data, FLOWD gives us an easy visualisation of our water use across the facility, and automatic alerts if there is a water leak or excess water use.”

“The app itself couldn’t be simpler to use and understanding where there are issues, lets us fix them quickly to minimise waste of water,” said Mr Smith.


Cost-efficient smart water metering with FLOWD


The Noosa Marina started with installation of four smart water metering devices, connected via subscription to FLOWD. This immediately detected small water leaks that were quickly fixed. Additional smart water meters were then installed to enable digital sub-metering of the individual tenancies.

FLOWD brings potential to be cost-neutral or even profitable for clients, through water and money saved.  Clients like the Noosa Marina can achieve cost savings that will outweigh an initial investment in a digital meter and annual subscription to the app.


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