Seafood & Ayala Champagne Experience

A decadent experience at Lucio’s Marina

Indulge in an exquisite four-course seafood experience at Lucio’s Marina, meticulously prepared to showcase the finest local produce. Each course will be artfully paired with a generous pour of the renowned Ayala Champagne, creating a harmonious culinary experience you won't want to miss. For just $195 per person, join Lucio’s on Saturday 26th August, for an unforgettable lunch filled with gastronomic delights.

What's more, Lucio’s Marina have announced that Laurence Alamanos, the export manager of Ayala Champagne, will be gracing us with her presence on the day. As a special guest, she will co-host the event, offering fascinating insights into Ayala's journey to becoming one of the most captivating and respected champagnes on the market.

Ayala holds a storied history, being the oldest continuously operating house in Champagne. With a strong commitment to quality, they embrace their identity as a true grower’s champagne, sourcing all their fruit from their own estate. Over the last decade, under the stewardship of the esteemed Bollinger group, Ayala has flourished, capturing hearts with their unwavering focus and meticulous attention to detail. Their exceptional range includes a multi-vintage cuvée, a captivatingly complex rosé, and a stunning vintage Blanc de Blanc for special years.

Join Lucio’s Marina for this extraordinary event, celebrating the marriage of exquisite seafood, outstanding champagne, and the captivating tale of Ayala's rise to greatness. Secure your spot now for a day that promises to be a celebration of taste, elegance, and champagne excellence.

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