The Collection

Fine Art Gallery

After over 50 years as an Art Dealer, Leigh Murphy has amassed quite an impressive art collection.

Leigh was a major wholesaler of big-name art to the Australian art trade, while also working part-time for 15 years shipping European 19th and 20th century works to New York, London and Paris for sale from South America.

With over 300 major name works to quit in the next six years, he has recently moved his art gallery ‘The Collection’ to Noosa Marina to find new collectors and buyers, as well as have fun!

With so many amazing artworks and great conversation from Leigh, you’ll find it very hard to leave the gallery.


The Collection

Shop 14A Noosa Marina

0438 745 940



Featured artists include

Will Ashton

Rita Angus

Dorrit Black

Rupert Bunny

Nicholas Chevalier

William Dobell

Russell Drysdale

Bessie Davidson

Donald Friend

Bessie Gibson

Weaver Hawkins

Frank Hinder

Frances Hogkins

Norman Lindsay

Percy Lindsay

Will Longstaff

Ray De Maistre

Arthur Murch

Margaret Olley

Margaret Preston

Thea Proctor

Tom Roberts

John Peter Russell

Arthur Streeton

Albert Tucker

Roland Wakelin

Brett Whiteley