The smell of Chocolates and Australian handmade candles, will draw you into Heather Gunthorpe’s colourful and funky shop Chocol’arte. Where you can sit amongst all the homewares, artworks and gift lines enjoying ginger scones and tea. You will feel like you are in someone’s eclectically decorated lounge room.

Salivate over handmade chocolates, including strawberry champagne, Cointreau or Grand Marnier, Hot lips filled with raspberry ganache, woodworms with roasted macadamia nuts, too many to mention.


choco2We specialise in more unusual pieces from Mexico, Germany, New Zealand as well as supporting local artworks.Quirky ceramics by local Valarie Willy, Australian made ironing board covers – gardening gloves, door stops, traditional Polish pottery, placemats, throws, handpainted scarves, jewellery and so much more.

The theme is a pleasure for the senses. Sight, Taste, Touch & Sound.

Phone: 0402 197 292